A beacon of hope after disaster

Microgrids funded and installed by church and volunteer groups promise to supply essential electricity to poor neighbourhoods hit by natural disasters.

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Spiders sleep just like humans

Those spiders hanging by threads are probably just catching some shut-eye, just like humans do when they’re feeling tired.

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East Antarctic iceberg towers Australian scientists say the massive east Antarctic ice sheet is not as stable as once thought.
Race to save Antarctica's sleeping giant

The world’s largest ice sheet in Antarctica has been found to be more vulnerable to melting than previously thought and Australian scientists say the race is on to prevent a horrible awakening.

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French rescuers try to save trapped whale

French rescuers are attempting to save a trapped white beluga whale that has made its way into the Seine.

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Sth Korean floods 'worse than we imagined'

The cleanup has begun following the worst deluge in 80 years which flooded parts of South Korea’s capital and left at least eight people dead.

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Salt a fresh challenge for dry Californian farmers

Amid ongoing drought in California, rising salt is causing freshwater concerns for farmers reliant on the Delta water hub.

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AUSTRALIAN BIRDLIFE FEEDING ON CROPS Researchers found the membrane mechanism in plant species including sunflowers, beans and cotton.
Profound benefits for food security in discovery of how plants control water loss

Australian scientists have discovered a natural mechanism that should help plant breeders engineer food crops that are better able to withstand climate change.


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Bid to unlock appetite of stranded whale

Sea Shepherd group reports whale lost in Seine River ‘curious, but not eating’.

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Brazil's choice of president not ideal for environment

Brazilians heading to elections in October have two choices for President, both with a checkered environmental record.


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