Can monkeypox spread be stopped?

The WHO calls it an international emergency and, while monkeypox won’t become a global pandemic, there are lessons to learn from our experience with Covid.

By chrisbartlett
Why experts fear a new Chernobyl

The warring sides in Ukraine have traded accusations on why rockets are falling around the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant but energy watchdogs say the dangers are frightening.


By chrisbartlett
Mixed signals: Where next for US inflation?

Higher prices are hitting most people pretty hard, even if they have received pay raises. On average, weekly paychecks, adjusted for inflation, fell 3.6% in July compared with a year ago.

By jonathanbarrett
US Bill could boost global climate action

Legislation set to be passed by the US House of Representatives could boost efforts to encourage other countries to take quicker action on reducing greenhouse emissions.

By petamccartney
Samantha Power: 'Don't blame US for food crisis'

Appointed by Joe Biden to oversee billions of dollars in US aid abroad, Samantha Power is now countering Russia’s claims about food shortages.

By petamccartney
Hidden costs of rare earths a Myanmar minefield

Rare earths may be vital to green energy and global supply chains, but behind them lies a dirty open secret: the environmental destruction of Myanmar.

By gregkemp
A beacon of hope after disaster

Microgrids funded and installed by church and volunteer groups promise to supply essential electricity to poor neighbourhoods hit by natural disasters.

By viki
Key questions about FBI's Trump search

The 2016 investigation into Hillary Clinton could provide insights into the FBI’s current probe of former President Donald Trump.


By chrisbartlett
Never again: Nagasaki remembers A bomb

Mayor Tomihisa Taue tells memorial service that nuclear weapons can be used as long as they exist, and their elimination is the only way to save the future of humankind.

By brettdebritz