ELECTION19 BILL SHORTEN CAMPAIGN DAY 34 Nadia Clancy has been appointed South Australia's new advocate for suicide prevention.
New South Australian MP takes on suicide prevention role

South Australian first-term MP Nadia Clancy has been named the state’s latest advocate for suicide prevention.

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Australian state bans Nazi symbols

New South Wales joins Victoria in outlawing swastikas with more states set to follow.

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rba The RBA has lifted the cash rate to 1.85 per cent, its highest level in more than six years.
RBA hikes interest rates for fourth-straight month

The Reserve Bank has lifted the cash rate for the fourth month in a row to 1.85 per cent, putting extra pressure on borrowers.

By samhussey
Sri Lanka Photo Gallery Mass protests led to the escape overseas in July of Sri Lanka's then president Gotabaya Rajapaksa.
Ex-Sri Lankan president gets 'temporary' stay in Thailand

Thailand will allow a “temporary stay” for former Sri Lankan president Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who fled his island nation last month in the midst of mass protests.

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US 'initiated' Ukraine crisis, says China

Chinese ambassador accuses US of being instigator of Ukraine crisis and of imposing ‘unprecedented’ sanctions on Russia.

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VICTORIA CORONAVIRUS COVID19 Many of Queensland's vaccine mandates are set to be dropped, the premier has announced.
Aged care facilities brace for COVID wave

Aged care providers are calling for urgent action to protect residents and staff from a winter COVID-19 wave.

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Australia grapples with highest inflation in 20 years

Australia has recorded its worst inflation outcome in more than two decades.

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Why Miss America is running for Congress

Cara Mund says the Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v Wade prompted her to run as an Independent against a pro-Trump Republican and conservative Christian Democrat in North Dakota.

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Senators vote that impeachment Donald Trump says he is set to testify under oath in a probe into his company's real estate dealings
Explosive reason for FBI search on Trump's home revealed

The Washington Post newspaper is reporting that FBI agents raided the Florida home of former US president Donald Trump to look for documents relating to nuclear weapons.

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