Comic-Con is back in technicolour

Time will tell if the expected 135,000 comic fans will walk through the doors at this year’s Comic-Con following two years of virtual events, but if the Preview night is anything to go by, it’s been an exciting start.

By nadinetuback
In pictures: Britons swelter in record heatwave

The UK has recorded its hottest day with temperatures soaring past 40C in several  places.

By viki
Supermoon lights up the sky

The second supermoon in two months is sometimes known as a ‘Buck moon’ because it happens at a time when male deer acquire antlers.

By brettdebritz
In pictures: Wildfires scorch parts of Europe amid extreme heat wave

A spate of wildfires is scorching parts of Europe, with firefighters battling blazes in Portugal, Spain, Croatia and southern France on Wednesday amid an unusual heat wave that authorities are linking to climate change. The European heat wave is also sparking flames in Spain and France — and in Turkey at the other end of the Mediterranean.

By viki
Why the sun may set on sushi

The effects of climate change are being felt in Japan where two ingredients essential to the country’s national dish, sushi, are undergoing massive changes.

By viki
In pictures: 1 million pilgrims in Mecca

One million pilgrims from across the globe have gathered in the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia to perform the initial rites of the hajj, marking the largest Islamic pilgrimage since the coronavirus pandemic upended the annual event — a key pillar of Islam.

By chrisbartlett
How the smartphone has changed photography

With a quality camera now in almost everyone’s back pocket, it’s fascinating to hear from the professionals how they view this technological milestone and how it has changed their lives — for better or for worse

By samhussey
Deep dive into the world of mermaiding

That loveable crab Sebastian had a point when he sang: “Life is better under the sea”. And as mermaid enthusiasts the world over strap on their tails and hit the waves, not only are they finding peace and joy, but also acceptance and a sense of community.

By samhussey
Elvis' most iconic style moments

With Baz Luhrmann’s biopic bringing the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll back into fashion, here are some of his  most recognisable fashionable moments.

By nadinetuback