Baby hippo joy for Cincinnati Zoo

Happy hippo baby news for Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, celebrating the arrival of a bouncing baby sibling for Fiona, who became a global celebrity when she was born prematurely in 2017.



By nadinetuback
Batter up! What will Zuckerberg baseball collector card fetch?

A signed baseball card featuring a very young Zuckerberg could fetch school camp counsellor Allie Tarantino a tidy sum when it goes to auction.

By viki
Country superstar Dolly Parton among philanthropy winners

Dolly Parton’s $1 million donation to help fund coronavirus vaccine research in 2020 has earned the country superstar a Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy.

By nadinetuback
Saudi Arabia bid to host Winter Games

It may seem audacious but Saudi Arabia wants to host the Asian Winter Games in 2029.

By jamesdampney
72yo wins gold medal at Games

Scotland’s Rosemary Lenton, who paired with Pauline Wilson in bowls pairs, said she thought she’d only ever get to the Commonwealth Games as a spectator.

By viki
Proclaimers still walking, this time for food charity

The Scottish band that had a hit about walking 500 miles is asking people to take small steps to help feed hungry kids.

By viki
Meet the feline who foiled a felony

A cat named Bandit stopped a robbery at his owner’s house. He was the only one who didn’t have a weapon. Here’s how.

By chrisbartlett
Is this the world's toughest turtle?

Titan among eight loggerhead turtles returned to the sea after surviving myriad marine mishaps, from shark bites to run-ins with boat propellers.

By chrisbartlett
Wearable fans to cool down hot dogs

A pet owner and clothing designer has come up with a “cool” way to keep animals from overheating when out and about.

By chrisbartlett