RUSSIA EARTH HOUR Three people were injured in a Ukrainian drone blast 150km from Moscow, Russian authorities said.
Drone blast in Russian town injures three people

Russian authorities say a Ukrainian drone caused an explosion that injured three people in a town far from the Ukraine border.

Indigenous voice wording, gender pay gap on PMs agenda

Legislation with new wording for the Indigenous voice to parliament is expected to be introduced when parliament returns.

NATO accuses Putin of dangerous nuclear rhetoric

Russian President Vladimir Putin insists Russia would not violate its nuclear non-proliferation promises by stationing tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

NSW Labor prepares to govern as Liberals soul search

As Labor’s Chris Minns prepares his party to govern in NSW, the dissection of the result is underway.

Israeli court asked to punish PM over legal reform plan

Israel’s Supreme Court has been asked to punish Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for an alleged breach of a conflict of interest agreement.

Libs should avoid margins after NSW election defeat

Federal Liberals are weighing in on their party’s defeat at the NSW election, urging it not to veer too far from the mainstream.

Cuba heads to the polls, all eyes on voter turnout

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, who voted in his hometown, says citizens will have the last word as the country votes in a national election.