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Ex-president Bolsonaro returns to Brazil after US visit

Former president Jair Bolsonaro has returned to Brazil after a three-month stay in the United States.

March 31, 2023
31 March 2023

Former president Jair Bolsonaro has arrived back in Brazil, landing at Brasília airport from Orlando, Florida after a three-month stay in the United States, CNN Brasil reports.

Images from the broadcaster indicated fewer people than expected were on hand to greet the 68-year-old former president.

Security measures were increased in the city ahead of his arrival in the expectation of large demonstrations.

The populist former leader was expected to go straight to the headquarters of his Liberal Party in the capital.

Bolsonaro narrowly lost to the progressive Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the second round of the presidential elections held in October last year.

Lula was sworn in on January 1 two days after Bolsonaro left the country with his family for Florida. 

According to media reports, he had applied for a six-month tourist visa.

On January 8, Bolsonaro supporters stormed the Brazilian Congress, the government buildings and the Supreme Court in Brasília to show their rejection of the election result. 

His role in the protests is currently under investigation.

Bolsonaro, among others, is currently being investigated and if convicted he could receive a prison sentence or be made unelectable in 2026.

Before leaving for Orlando, Bolsonaro told CNN Brasil he had no interest in being an opposition leader but that he would continue to work for his party by travelling throughout the country to speak to supporters.

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