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China ‘striving to control new outbreaks’

China’s National Health Commission says the country should unwaveringly stick to a policy of stamping out any COVID-19 outbreaks.

November 3, 2022
3 November 2022

China is striving to control the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 infections in the shortest possible time, the health commission says in its first comments since the 20th Communist Party Congress as cases rise across major cities.

China should unwaveringly stick to its dynamic zero-COVID-19 policy, the National Health Commission said.

China, which has repeatedly said it would not waver from its policy on COVID-19 even as mass lockdowns and curbs hurt the economy, recorded almost 3000 cases on Tuesday.

Major economic hubs like Zhengzhou and Guangzhou are experiencing outbreaks and several other cities have enforced strict curbs and mass testing affecting millions.

“China should unwaveringly stick to the general guideline of preventing inbound COVID cases and domestic resurgence, as well as its dynamic zero-COVID policy, and strive to stem sudden COVID outbreaks in the shortest time with the lowest costs,” the health authority said.

The persistent curbs have hurt industries across China from car makers to mobile phone manufacturers and have rippled across the globe with many companies blaming the lockdowns and supply disruptions caused by them for lagging sales and profits.

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