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Brazil’s Bolsonaro well behind Lula: poll

Far-right President Jair Bolsonaro is trailing leftist Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva by 14 points, according to a poll released only days before Brazil’s election.

September 30, 2022
30 September 2022

Brazil’s Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva leads President Jair Bolsonaro by 14 points, a poll suggests, with the far-right incumbent having lost momentum against his leftist rival as the October 2 presidential election looms.

The survey by Datafolha showed Lula with 48 per cent of voter support versus 34 per cent for Bolsonaro in the election’s first round, compared with 47 per cent and 33 per cent, respectively, in the previous poll.

Excluding blank and null ballots, Lula was seen winning 50 per cent of the votes, while Bolsonaro had 36 per cent.

If Lula reaches 50 per cent plus one vote in the first round, he will win the election outright and avoid a second round.

In the event of a second-round run-off on October 30, Lula would garner the support of 54 per cent of voters versus 39 per cent for Bolsonaro, a 15-point advantage, according to the poll, down from 16 points a week ago.

Bolsonaro’s approval rating edged down to 31 per cent, compared to 32 per cent one week ago; still above the 22 per cent he held in December, after which his popularity ticked up thanks to welfare programs and measures to tackle inflation.

His disapproval came in at 44 per cent, according to the poll, the same rate as a week ago but down from the 53 per cent seen in December.

Datafolha conducted 6800 in-person interviews between September 27-29. The poll has a margin of error of two percentage points.

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